The Role Of Brake Lights

- Aug 19, 2018 -

The role of brake lights is summarized below.

The brake lamp is the light that lights up when the vehicle brakes, usually red, to warn the vehicles behind; in addition, the brake lamp can effectively prevent the occurrence of rear-end events, reduce traffic accidents. Brake lamp brightness is strong, but also more obvious, mainly used to remind the rear of the vehicle, the car to slow down or stop. If the brake lamp is wrong or wrong, it will easily cause rear end collision.

Brake lights are synchronized with the vehicle brake system, usually with brake signal switch control. Generally there is a brake sensor on the other side of the brake pump. As soon as you step on the brake, the oil pressure of the brake pump will connect the brake sensor (there are two wires on the sensor, one wire is always electrified, the exception is connected to the brake light) so as long as you step on the brake, the brake light will be on.

We should pay attention to changing the brake bulb: the rear lights of our country's production vehicles are "one bulb for two purposes". There are two filaments in the bulb, the weaker is the small lamp, the stronger is the brake lamp. Its design is high and low pin inserting type. It is very convenient to use. When changing, we must pay attention to not to reverse.

The brake light switch is a kind of commonly used switch product, which has the advantages of good sensitivity, easy installation, long service life and wide application range. The brake light switch is a component of the automobile brake system. It plays an important role in controlling the brightness of the brake light in the automobile brake system. It is mainly composed of a button and a spring, using the button to control the circuit closure, to control the effect of brake lights.

Warm reminder: brake light switch can not be repaired, if the parts are damaged in the installation process, then must replace new parts, so usually should be as far as possible to reduce the number of pull-out and push-in switch jack.

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