The Six Main Points Of LED Bulbs, You What Time.know

- Feb 16, 2018 -

LED bulb lamp is one of the most common energy-saving light bulbs in our daily life. What points should you master when you choose?

Point 1: material

Family LED bulb light to try to choose the choose and buy high thermal conductive plastic (not, of course, is common plastic), car aluminium as blister, in case of broken adopt common plastic, cooling effect is not good, will lead to the life of the LED ball steep light is abate, because all need from the radiator heat spread out, so, must choose high thermal conductive plastic, car aluminum heat dissipation effect is good material for the blister, will not damaged by overheating.

Point 2: shape

Incandescent light bulbs, LED ball steep light shape to be similar in shape, pear-shaped, this is no problem for now LED technology, but heat dissipation problem of LED itself is not using the full glass shape structure, to adopt better heat dissipation material, can ensure the service life of LED bulb light.

Point 3: the requirements of the LED bulb lamp itself.

The LED bulb will be replaced by an incandescent bulb, and the first choice of LED bulb will be the equivalent of an ordinary incandescent bulb. As early as two years ago, 1WLED lights were as bright as 10W incandescent bulbs. Now, the ratio is higher, 1:12, and there is a concept of light effect, which is lumen/wattage, and the higher the effect, the better.

Point four: radiator.

Radiator LED ball steep light, usually in product of aluminum radiator panels can be seen that there are traces of finishing, after finishing the LED base plate can be directly fixed up, or wind gap would need to be improved by the heat conduction glue thermal conductivity.

Point 5: volume

LED bulb light, I will choose the choose and buy volume size, weight, the most want is the general American E26 / E27 base of spiral (commonly known as screws), the power supply should be 220 vac (domestic) (American 110 vac) and normal manufacturer production in 100 ~ 100 v.

Point 6: power supply

LED ball steep light power supply of the basic types of the main points and isolation and the isolation type two kinds, the general said, not isolated because they don't need transformer, so the cost is lower, but the requirement of the aluminum plate pressure is high, otherwise the radiator could be charged, and also on the outside of the lamp also is not beautiful; The isolation is safer, easier to pass the safety regulation, but the cost is relatively high, more suitable for household.

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