The Use Effect Of LED Taillights

- Jun 30, 2018 -

The way of LED taillight modification can enhance the brightness of certain lights, but the effect is limited. It brings about the serious increase of power load of the circuit, switch and power supply, the increase of the heat energy of the bulb and the increase of the temperature of the lamp cup. It is easy to cause the overloading of the circuit and switch, accelerate the aging of the mercury in the lamp cup, cause the melting deformation of the lamp cup, and even cause the fire accident.

The most common failure is burning through the contacts of the headlight switch after a period of time. Because the power of the LED taillight bulb increases, the current of the line increases exponentially. In the case of the original line (resistance), the voltage loss of the line, that is, the power loss will also increase in geometry, and the voltage at both ends of the headlights will decrease, causing the load of the line to increase. Therefore, for the sake of safety, when the power of the bulb is changed, the line should be reformed to a certain extent: install the relay control, direct from the battery, and increase the heat dissipation in the rear of the lamp. Otherwise, the LED taillight not only enhances the brightness of lighting, but increases the potential safety hazard.

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