There Are 8 Reasons Why LED Lights Are Not Bright

- Jan 01, 2018 -

1. The packaging protection of LED lamp strips is imperfect, causing the lamp to be damaged by impact during transportation.

2. The welding point of LED lamp strip has virtual welding phenomenon. The vibration in the transportation process causes the spot to fall off and the lamp is not bright.

3. LED lamp strip solder less, solder spot easy to fall off.

4. LED lamp bar solder quality is not good, LED flexible lamp is easy to produce brittle crack and fall off phenomenon in bending process.

5. LED lamp bar is installed with bending Angle too large, resulting in the separation of LED flexible lamp electrode and copper foil.

6. The LED light bar is overextruded when installed, leading to the damage of the LED flexible lamp chip or the distortion of the solder point.

7. LED lamp circuit board resistance welding layer is too thick, soldering tin and circuit board can not be completely fused together, it is also a kind of virtual welding phenomenon.

8. LED lamp bars cannot be distorted when installed. If warped, it will cause the welding points of LED flexible lamp strip to fall off and will not be bright.

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