Truck Lamps Select The Main Point

- Jan 01, 2018 -

Lighting should be provided with good lighting and should be minimized. For the headlamp, in order to balance the above two requirements, adopt the two conditions of distant and near light. The distant light is the long distance light beam that is used in the front of the car without the car or following other cars. The main filament is produced by the main filament in the focus of the reflector and the power of the power is similar to the direction of the beam. The maximum luminous intensity of a single lamp is usually not less than 20,000 candela. In order to ensure the safety of driving, the distance from the distance of the distant light (the distance of discovery and identification of obstacles) should be greater than the braking distance to realize the timely parking. In the light of the need for the intensity of the distant light, the speed limit is applied in most countries. In addition, in order to far, low beams when changing working conditions, not because of light and shade change different loss recognition and make the drivers for short periods of time, thus regulation: all the headlamps in combined maximum luminous intensity shall not exceed 225000 candela. Near-light is the proximity lighting beam used in the intersection or following other cars, produced by the smaller pair of filaments, which are projected downward from the focus and the optical axis of the reflector. To restrict horizontal beam of the above, usually under the deputy filament containing metal mask, so that in the vertical screen forming with the light of the abrupt change of light and shade, SEC, car to car drivers' eyes located near light shape, dark areas, so as to maximally inhibiting the glare.

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