Turn Lights For The Use Of Precautions

- Nov 20, 2017 -

We have encountered in the daily traffic of the "hit the light does not turn, turn to not hit the lights" situation. The face of the former, sometimes it may be just a simple misunderstanding. In the face of the latter, we can only appeal to him to improve his own moral qualities or to timely repair his turn lights. In addition, there are other things that need to pay attention to in the daily driving process?

1. Turn off the double flash redirect (no steering priority function)

Many models do not turn to the priority function, so in the case of open double flash if you want to play turn, you should turn off the double flash redirected turn signal switch.

2. Can quickly identify the turn signal is faulty

Turn signals into contact-type flasher and non-contact flasher. When there is a fault in the contact type of turn signal lamp, the corresponding turn signal lamp in the instrument panel will not flicker, and when the contactless type turn signal lamp fails, the corresponding meter light will flicker frequently. Therefore, the owner of the driving process should pay more attention to the flashing light flashing frequency changes, if the above phenomenon, it shows that the flash failed.

Turn signal as a signal light, in the course of its daily driving, the main responsibility is to prompt the surrounding vehicles, indicating that you are about to drive in the direction of other vehicles to avoid evasion to avoid collision. So, whether it is turning, paralleling, starting or stopping, as long as you drive the vehicle to leave the original lane, even if it is a temporary lane or dodge halfway through the lane, it must be turned on in advance, which is the basic principle of safe driving.

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