Turn Lights Into LED Why Should Install Resistance

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Because the LED has its own operating parameters, the installation of a series resistor is to match the LED operating current.

LED itself is a current-type components, in other words, as long as the current flowing through the LED is suitable, he can normally glow.

The voltage of the car is very high (usually the family car is at 12V), and the LED will be burned immediately if it is directly connected to the LED. When the series connection of a resistor, you can limit the current within the allowable range.

Want to know how much resistance in series, you need to consult the parameters given by the LED manufacturer, as long as the car's power supply voltage, LED current and forward voltage drop, you can calculate the resistance and resistance of the power.

If you can not find the LED parameters, you can use the test method of testing. The specific method is:

Find a power adjustable power supply and LED connections, from 1V slowly increase the voltage, pay attention to the 2.8V when the side to increase the voltage, while paying attention to brightness. When the LED brightness to meet the requirements, stop adjusting. Measure the LED's voltage drop and current, then use Ohm's Law to calculate the series resistance parameters.

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