Understand The Principles And Maintenance Of Automotive Lamps.

- Jan 26, 2018 -

You must first understand how these devices work.

If the vehicle is equipped with a light control lamp, check the working condition of the lamp from the weakest to the strongest, and of course, don't ignore the automatic closing timer.

If the system is equipped with a timer, set it to maximum latency.

If the headlights are damaged, similar lamps are usually used for replacement. Some cars are equipped with high-intensity discharge headlamp HID, which generates high-density light source through the high-voltage arc discharge generated by its pre-designed electronic system. Note that normal quartz - halogen bulbs cannot be used here. In addition, also check headlight lenses have crack, because although surface crack does not affect the headlamps lighting performance, but the moisture will be along the crack into the lamps and lanterns, it will reduce the service life of the bulb.

Headlamps lighting direction of calibration should also be included in the list maintenance projects, because to ensure the safety of the driver is driving the biggest headlights must be able to provide good forward lighting vehicle.

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