What About The Intake Of Led Taillights?

- Feb 04, 2018 -

In terms of headlight all structure, whether it is a general halogen headlamps, or xenon headlights and led taillights with chy-tech headlight, will be equipped with a ventilation tube, the role of the vent is put out all the department heat can discharge lamps, to maintain the normal work of the high temperature, to ensure that the use of headlights. If the car wades water, the moisture of the outside will pass through the vent tube into the big lamp outside, and rub into the lampshade, so the brightness of the light of the car lamp, even the car lamp circuit is damaged. Here are some ways to deal with the water intake of led taillights:

1. Slight water intake

Within the lamp to be mild water condition, the driver friend can do not need to worry too much about, light in closed after a period of time, the fog with the heating through vent discharge lamp, which doesn't damage the lamps and electric circuit.

2. Severe flooding

The car is under water, and the outside of the headlights is good enough to raise fish. So we took it down and opened the light umbrella, and after wetting it, we examined the surface of the headlights and found no protection. If your car is severe, the water must be lampshade, review the headlight surface had poor or to the middle of the leakage, such as find strange, I propose a change in headlight ice seals and snorkel.

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