What Are Flexible LED Lights

- Jan 01, 2018 -

Flexible article LED lights is to use FPC do PCB assembly, encapsulated with the patch (SMD) of high brightness LED as light source, three lamp for each unit, every 50 cm to the length of a large unit, the thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin, does not occupy a space soft article LED lights can be cut at random, can be arbitrarily extended and shine is not affected. Because the FPC material is soft, it can bend, fold, and coil arbitrarily, but it can be moved and telescopic in 3d space. It is suitable for irregular place and small space, also because it can any bending and winding, suitable for any combination of patterns in the decoration of advertisement and so on. It is dc 12 v power supply, low power consumption, the silicone potting, light colour is gorgeous, mixed color even, not easy damage, good appearance, safe and reliable, simple installation, can be said to be another LED series creation!

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