What Are The Main LED Lights In The Truck

- Jan 01, 2018 -

1. Headlights: the main use of headlights is to light the road and objects in front of the car to ensure the safety of driving. It can also be used as a night overtaking signal with the alternating distance and near light. The headlights are mounted on either side of the car's head, and each car has two or four. Light bulb power of 45~ 60W, near lights 25~ 55W.

2. Fog lamp: the fog lamp is installed near the headlamp or slightly lower than the headlight. It is used as a lighting for road lighting and providing signals for the oncoming car, in the case of fog, snow, rain or dust. The light is yellow, which is because the yellow light is longer and has good fogging performance. The bulb power is generally 35W.

3. Reverse light: the headlights are installed in the rear of the car to illuminate the rear road and inform the vehicle and pedestrians. The vehicle is reversing or preparing to reverse. It has the function of a light signal device. The light is white and the power is 28W.

4. Licence lamp: the licence lamp is mounted on the rear of the car's tail plate, which is used to illuminate the rear plate of the vehicle. The requirement is to be able to see the number on the license plate at night at 20M. The light is white and the power is generally 8~ 10W.

5. Ceiling light: installed in the driver's cab or top of the car for the lighting of the driving room. The ceiling lights are white, the lampshades are mostly made of transparent plastic, and the bulb power is generally 5~ 8W.

The instrument light: it is the instrument of the instrument, often connected with the dashboard. The light is white, and the bulb power is generally 2~ 8w.

7. Step light: it is used for lighting the door, convenient for passengers to get on and off. The light is white, and the bulb power is generally 5~ 8W.

8. Suitcase light: it is the light fixture in the luggage compartment of the car. The light is white and the power is 5~ 8w.

9. Tool light: it is used to repair cars, equipped with a working lamp socket in the car, and mobile lamps with wires. The light is white and the bulb power is generally 8~ 20W.

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