What Determines The Price Of LED Lights?

- Mar 04, 2018 -

With the continuous development of led lights industry, the competition between led headlights and traditional lighting industry is also continuous. However, with the rapid development of led lights, there is a significant gap between the prices of led lights manufacturers in the domestic market. What determines the price of led lights? Let's analyze it.

1. LED chip

LED chip is the lamp bead, we often say now in the domestic market generic lamp bead, the more the price relative to imports CREE, osram, of course also cheap, so good lamp bead is also decided to part of the price of LED lights.

2. The heat dissipation

It must be a good product, but many small workshops have omitted this step in order to save the cost of cooling.

3. Life

The light of an led car bulb determines the life span of a product, and a good led car lamp manufacturer is sure to spend a lot of effort on this.

Circuit board 4.

Good led lamp manufacturers will use full glass fiber precision covering copper circuit board, surface injection treatment, insulation, anti-oxidation. It is not affected by wet environment to ensure the stability of circuit transmission.

5. Tin point

The LED lamp manufacturer produced by the sophisticated LED lamp manufacturer is full, shiny and welded.

6. Solder paste

Good led lights are made of lead-free, silver-friendly tin, with a glossy finish, and a cheap solder with lead will be black.

7. Whether there is any wool edge

Good LED lamp manufacturer will have the polishing process, the product is fine and beautiful.

Quality is the standard of survival, and the pursuit of low prices is only the end of the market of led lights.

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