What Do You Do With The LED Taillight Of The Car

- Jun 30, 2018 -

As far as the headlights are concerned, both the general halogen lamp, the xenon headlamp or the large lamp with the LED tail lamp group will be equipped with a ventilation tube. The function of the ventilator is to keep the normal working temperature of the headlights and ensure the steady operation of the headlights. If the car wades, the external water will pass through the tube into the outside of the lamp and rub to the lampshade, so the light of the car will be reflected and the light circuit is damaged. Below we will introduce some treatment methods for LED tail lights.

1, slight influent

In the light of the light, the driver's friends don't have to worry too much. When the lights are closed for a period of time, the fog will go out of the lamp with the heat through the ventilation tube, which does not damage the headlights and electrical circuits.

2, severe influent

Love the car into the water, the headlights outside the drip condition is enough to raise fish. So we dismantled it and turned it on. After wetting, we examined the surface condition of the headlight and found no protection. If your car is also heavy water, you need to dismantle the umbrella, check the surface of the headlights whether there is no broken or leakage of the center, if found out, I propose to change the ice cover seal and ventilation tube.

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