What Is A Car Brake Light?

- Mar 21, 2018 -

The brake lights are divided into two types: the left and right lamps (two) and the high brake light (one)

The left and right brake lights are an important part of the rear lights, and one left and one right is distributed in the rear lights on both sides. It's red and red has a warning. A step on the brake lamp lights (including the handbrake). The brake light is a reminder of the car's own car to slow down or stop, and the rear car can be prepared in advance. The current brake lights are usually fog lights, which can penetrate thick fog. The LED lamp is also used as a brake light.

The high position brake lamp is usually installed on the upper part of the rear of the car, so that the vehicle running behind can easily find the vehicle braking ahead, and prevent the rear end accident from happening. The role of high position brake lamp is to warn the vehicle driving behind, so as to avoid the rear end accident. No high brake lights of the vehicle, especially low chassis cars and mini cars in braking because the brake lights lower position, usually the brightness is not enough, the following vehicles especially high chassis trucks and buses and bus drivers sometimes see clearly. Therefore, the hidden dangers of rear end accidents are relatively large.

A large number of research results show that high position brake lamps can effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of car rear end accidents. Therefore, high position brake lamps have been widely used in many developed countries. For example, in the United States, all cars newly sold must be equipped with high duty brake lights from 1986, and all the light trucks must be equipped with high duty brake lights since 1994.


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