What Is A Car Inverter?

- Oct 30, 2017 -

Car inverter is a DC12V DC can be converted into electricity and the same AC220V AC power, for general use of electrical appliances, is a convenient vehicle power converter. Car power inverter in the foreign market has been generally welcomed. In foreign countries because of the higher penetration rate of the car, go out to work or travel can be connected with the inverter battery drive a variety of tools and work. China's entry into the WTO, the domestic market more and more private transport, therefore, the car inverter power supply as a DC inverter in the use of mobile converter, will give you a lot of convenience, is a standing Of the car with electronic vehicle supplies.

Buy car inverter should pay attention to the pure sine wave car inverter or modified wave car inverter, the two are mainly according to the output current waveform to the points, the price is different, pure sine wave car inverter Belonging to the high-end, modified wave car inverter is a low-end, pure sine wave car inverter, a wider range of applications. Like most electronic products, there are also conversion efficiency issues. Common in the market between 70% -80%, some up to 90%.


The inverter should be used in strict accordance with the provisions of the user manual; secondly, the inverter output voltage is 220 volts AC, and this 220 volts is in a small space and in a mobile state, so be extra careful. Should be placed in a more secure place (especially away from children!), To prevent electric shock. When not in use, it is best to cut off its input power. Third, do not put the inverter in the sun direct or heater near the exit. The operating temperature of the inverter should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Fourth, the inverter will work when the heat, so do not place objects in the vicinity or above. Fifth, the inverter afraid of water, do not make it rain or sprinkle water.

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