What Is A Car Power Inverter

- Jun 05, 2018 -

The vehicle inverter (Power Inverter) is a kind of AC220V AC that can convert DC12V DC power into the same as the mains, and it is a convenient vehicle power converter.

The on-vehicle inverter that the car-mounted inverter outputs through the cigarette lighter can be 20W, 40W, 80W, 120W up to 150W power specifications. Larger power inverters are connected to the battery via the cable. Connecting the home appliance to the output of the power converter enables the use of various appliances in the vehicle as easily as at home. The electrical appliances that can be used are: mobile phones, laptops, digital video cameras, cameras, lights, electric shavers, CD players, game consoles, PDAs, power tools, car refrigerators, and various kinds of tourism, camping, and medical emergency services.

The choice of car power inverter should pay attention to pure sine wave car inverter or correction wave car inverter, which are mainly divided according to the output current waveform, the price is different, pure sine wave vehicle inverter Belonging to the high-end, the modified wave vehicle-mounted inverter is a low-end, pure sine wave vehicle-mounted inverter with a wider range of applications. In-car inverters, like most electronic products, also have conversion efficiency problems. The market is usually between 70% and 80%, and some are up to 90%.

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