What Is An LED? LED Headlamp Technology Introduction.

- Jan 19, 2018 -

LED is the abbreviation of the English light-emitting diode (light-emitting diode), which was produced in the 1960s. In the 1980s, it was widely used in household electrical appliances, such as sound volume indicator, switch indication, etc. In the 90 s, some new type of domestic car also has use of LED, the instrument is mainly used for charging instructions, and later to show the state of the engine speed, such as a combination instrument, hubei xiangfan production odometer next to a row of leds, and when the LED driver to step on the gas discharge lamp from the first light in turn, when the pine throttle LED lamp is in turn from top to bottom out, quite strikingly good-looking. In the 90 s, our country is using the LED as high brake lights and installed in the car, because of the high LED lights, can let trailing behind car drivers know as early as possible in front of the vehicle driving condition, reduce automobile rear-end collision accident.

The LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that can emit its own luminescence. The LED chip is a chip consisting of a p-type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor. There is a transition layer between the p-type semiconductor and the n-type semiconductor, known as the pn junction. When using gallium arsenide gallium phosphide (infrared), arsenic (red and yellow), the semiconductor materials such as gallium phosphide (green), in the semiconductor pn junction, the injection of minority carrier with majority carrier compound will release excess energy in the form of light, so as to directly convert the electric energy to light energy. When a positive voltage is applied to the p-n junction, and the current flows from the LED anode to the cathode, the semiconductor crystal emits light from the ultraviolet to the infrared, and the intensity of the light is related to the current size. However, because the LED has very small luminous power, it is generally used as an indicator and cannot be used for lighting. Lighting is a new thing in recent years.

Because LED light power is very small, it is generally used to make many leds into an array.

As a practical indicator light in the form of small volume. But the cost will rise quickly. Because a high quality LED cost about 1.5 yuan, dozens of the price of a collection far exceed the incandescent lamp. Due to the positive ratio of LED luminance and current, the higher the input current is, the higher the luminance brightness is. Therefore, the rated current of LED is improved, and the focus of the research and development of the factory is improved. Only by increasing the luminous power of a single LED can we reduce the number of leds in the array, or even use a single LED to reduce the cost. At present, the lighting industry has developed a single white LED, and the luminous efficiency has reached 15 lumens per watt, which is equivalent to the luminous efficiency of the incandescent lamp.

At the 2004 Beijing auto show, the French company reo demonstrated the technology with four leds made of high brake lights, LED fog lamps, LED lights and so on. This LED technology is suitable for all tail lights. On the ford motor show, the headlights and rear lights of the Focus concept car for the future Chinese market are LED by LED car lights. It has been predicted that the two major bottlenecks of leds' luminous power and cost will be solved in the next few years. In this way, not only the automobile lighting, but also the entire lighting industry will have significant changes.

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