What Is Car Turn Signal Light?

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Car turn signal lights refers to the vehicle turning, by turning on the corresponding direction of the flashing lights to alert the car or vehicle behind pedestrians or vehicles, suggesting that the car's driving direction.

Car turning lights by the use of materials points, is divided into: 1, gas car lights; 2, LED car lights. According to the base to be divided into: 1, P21W; 2, PY21W; 3, W21W; 4, P27W; 5, W5W; 6, H5W. Divided according to the location, is divided into: 1, before the turn signal; 2, after the turn signal; 3, the side turn signal.

Working principle:

First, the lamp with xenon lamp, SCM control circuit, left and right rotation strobe non-stop work.

Second, the use of flasher: According to their different structures, can be divided into wire resistance, capacitance and electronic three. The resistance wire can be divided into hot wire type (electric type) and wing type (bouncing type), and the electronic type can be divided into two types (with contact type relays and electronic components) and all electronic type (without relay ). Such as bouncing flasher, the use of current thermal effects of principle, to thermal expansion and contraction as the driving force, the spring piece mutation occurs, to connect and disconnect the contacts, to achieve light flashing.

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