What Is The Difference Between LED Emergency Lights And Ordinary Lights?

- Jun 23, 2018 -

The LED emergency light has a large number of electronic components such as transformer, voltage regulator, charging, inverter, and battery inside each lamp. The battery needs to be charged and discharged when the emergency lamp is used, overhauled, and faulted. The other is a centralized power centralized control type. There is no independent power supply in the emergency lighting. When the normal lighting power supply fails, the centralized power supply system supplies power. In this type of emergency lighting system, the complex electronic circuits inside all the lamps are eliminated, and the emergency lighting lamps are the same as ordinary lamps. The centralized electricity supply system is set in a dedicated room. Compared with self-contained independent control type emergency lighting, centralized power centralized control type emergency lighting has the advantages of convenient centralized management, user self-checking, fire supervision and inspection, prolonging lamp life, and improving emergency evacuation efficiency. The system has good reliability and service life. Long, convenient maintenance and management, low system price.

However, centralized power centralized control type emergency luminaires do not have backup power supply (battery) in each emergency luminaire. If the power supply line fails, it will directly affect the normal operation of the emergency lighting system. Therefore, special fire protection requirements are imposed on the power supply lines. . Since the self-contained power independent emergency lighting has a backup power supply (battery) in each emergency lighting, there is no special requirement for the power supply line. Failure of the power supply line will not affect the standby power supply. In the event of a failure of an emergency light, it will generally only affect the light itself, with little impact on the entire system.

When selecting emergency lighting, emergency lighting systems should be reasonably selected according to specific conditions. In general, newly-built projects or projects with fire control rooms should be integrated as much as possible in the construction process, with centralized power centralized control-type emergency lighting; for small sites, post-renovation or secondary decoration projects should be selected Independent control power emergency lighting.

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