What Is The Difference Between The LED Lamp Cooling Mode?

- Jun 23, 2018 -

In the LED car lighting industry, we usually divide the heat into two types: passive cooling and active cooling. The passive heat dissipation is mainly the heat dissipation on the structural material, and the metal material is connected to the heat part of the lamp to achieve heat dissipation. There are three major historical iterations: The first generation of aluminum heat dissipation, the disadvantage is that the cooling area is small, the power can not be increased, so the general brightness of such products is not high.

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The second generation of copper strip heat dissipation and copper strip heat dissipation are the world's first innovations in 2014. That is to say, all the copper strip heats in the world today originated from Yishida. We are the originator of copper strip heat sinks and have been used since the copper strip heat dissipation. LED lights have entered the era of popularity, because the heat dissipation area has increased, so the power has been increased, so the brightness is accepted by the majority of users. However, copper strips need to be dismantled as far as possible to disperse the copper strips when they are installed to prevent the assembly of the copper strips and cause the lamps to burn at high temperatures.

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The reason why the metal braid has a good heat dissipation effect is that an individual metal fiber has a larger heat dissipation area. If these fiber strips are twisted and twisted together, will they not be changed back to a single piece of metal? Therefore, there is a process requirement in the middle. The qualified metal band dissipates heat. Its metal band must be torn and scattered.

In addition to passive cooling, there is active cooling. The computer graphics cards and CUPs that we touch most often everyday are items that actively dissipate heat.

LED car lights use a fan as an active heat sink. The advantage of active heat dissipation is that the heat dissipation efficiency is higher. Therefore, in the same case where the lamp beads and the upper structure are the same, the fan-like LED headlights will be made brighter. But just as all things are double-sided, the fan-like LED lights have a fatal flaw, too. The fan will be bad! And the environment on the car is very bad, so the requirements for fans are very high.

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So the key point is to choose what kind of fan can be used longer, the efficiency will be higher, the LED brightness will be higher.

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