What Is The NBW Function Of The Taillight?

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Emergency braking, emergency braking tips (NBW) is a ABS prompt additional function, the function is integrated in the ABS control software, automatic alarm lamp switch device open the triangle in some emergency braking situations, pay attention to warning the rear of the vehicle to keep a safe distance.

For example: in the following emergency braking, the triangle alarm light device switch will automatically open, and at the end of the brake at the beginning of the oil door closed automatically:

1, in the high adhesion coefficient pavement (such as cement / asphalt pavement) speed of about 60kw/h above, with sufficient braking strength for emergency braking.

2, in the low adhesion coefficient pavement (such as wet / slippery road surface) for relatively long duration of ABS continuous adjustment of braking.

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