What Is The Reason Why The Brake Light Doesn't Shine?

- Mar 21, 2018 -

The general brake light may be the following failure:

1. Brake light bulb failure, change the brake light bulb

2. Line fault, check line problem

3. Do not step on the brake pedal

4, brake light switch fault, change the brake light switch

1: the brake lights are not lighted. First, turn off all the lights. Open the key door and step on the brakes. After observing the car, there are several lights. After the brake is lit, it proves that the line is normal. The bulb on the other side is not broken, and a new one can be replaced. (brake light bulbs are usually double tailed light bulbs)

2: put on the brakes after both sides are not bright, there may be on both sides of the bulb is broken, the brake lights tail with shidianbi measurement, if an electric bulb is broken on both sides that, if not the following two conditions, the first to put in a simple investigation.

A: the brake light fuse is broken. Find the insurance box, the general insurance box has all the insurance instructions on the top, according to the instructions, find the brake light insurance, observe whether the fuse is broken, if disconnect the same specification and the same type fuse, we can solve it. If you don't break, please follow up the next step.

B: the brake light switch is damaged. Find the brake light switch (general brake lamp switch at the top, the brake pedal is mainly two lines) plug switch after finding the brake light switch with a wire directly connected together, if the brake lights, proof brake lamp switch is broken, a new switch can be solved.

Matters needing attention:

●If the fuse is bad for insurance, pay attention to the same size as the same type.

●If the bulb is broken, pay attention to the number of double ended bulbs when changing the bulb. One is the filament of the running lamp, the other is the filament of the brake lamp. If the light is on the side, it will turn around the bulb when it's dark. It can be solved if it is installed.


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