What Is The Role Of Each Lamp In The Car?

- Sep 12, 2017 -

For the novice, the most should be avoided is that due to lack of experience at night driving, the need to change the lighting operation is not proficient, or feel the night road complex and difficult to detect, play high light can increase the brightness and line of sight distance, So all the way to open high beam.

This is also the most hated of many drivers. Because the two cars will be a car, the strong high beam will give the opposite of the driver of the vehicle to bring blind spots, most likely to cause a car accident. The correct approach is: the night should be in the direction of the car from the relative direction of 150 meters away from the use of low beam, narrow road, narrow bridge and non-motor vehicles will be able to use the high beam. Night before and after the car, with the car should not open high beam. Overnight overtaking, should be used far and near the light to remind the front of the vehicle.

Of course, there are drivers who will forget to turn off the high beam. If the vehicle at night to drive you to flash the front of the light, it is likely that your "headlamps" so that the other feel discomfort, it should be timely replaced by low beam.

Auto lights can not replace the low beam

Turn signal: Turn the lamp is the most commonly used signal light, when the vehicle needs to turn to open. It should be noted that the time to turn on the turn signal should be open from the turning point of 30 meters to 100 meters or so, rather than has been to the junction of the open, so that the tail with the vehicle caused by less than the rear-end.

Headlamps: headlights have high beam, near light two forms. In the urban areas with street lights on the road with low beam, in the absence of street or highway driving open high beam. When the car will be closed, the high beam should be turned into low beam.

Flash front light: the role of warning or greeting. Out of the intersection or turn should also flash the front light, told the other vehicles "I came."

Taillights (brake lights): brake lights that tell the back of the vehicle, is braking, pay attention to slow down. When you find the front rear lights are lit, but also to do the preparation of deceleration.

Emergency lights (double flash): the vehicle failure requires temporary parking and other emergency situations, in the low visibility of the bad weather should also open double flash. Emergency lights and traffic safety are closely related, to always check whether the normal.

Night shows wide lights (small lights): used in the night display body width and length. When you are not clear from the rearview mirror behind the time, it should light a small light, especially rainy days.

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