What's The Difference Between A Halogen Lamp And A LED Headlight?

- Feb 24, 2018 -

1. the principle of luminescence is different

The halogen lamp is made of tungsten filament, the xenon lamp is an inert gas discharge, and the LED light is the light emitting diode.

2. different energy consumption

The halogen lamp has the greatest energy consumption, generally used in the car is 55W, the xenon lamp is generally used for 35W, and the LED lamp is about 20W.

3. brightness differences

The luminance halogen lamp is the lowest, the 55W is more than 1000 lumens, the xenon lamp 35W is about 3200 lumens, and the 20W of the LED lamp can reach 3000-4000 lumens at present.

4. different service life

The life of halogen lamp is 500 hours, the life of xenon lamp is about 3000 hours, and the service life of LED headlamp is not good enough at present. Because the technology is not very mature at present, but the theory can reach 50000 hours.

5. response time is different

Halogen lamp and LED headlamp are open or full time without delay. The xenon headlamp will delay. The general xenon lamp will be bright for about 6 seconds, and the 2 seconds of the fast start will be all bright.

6. color temperature difference

Halogen lamps are usually only one kind of color temperature, the color temperature is about 2700K, and the light is yellow. The xenon lamp has greater color temperature selectivity. From 3000K to 30000K, different colors of light are available. 4300K, 5000K or 6000K are commonly used on the market, while LED headlamps are usually 4300K or 6000K, and there may be more color temperatures to choose from in the future.

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