What's The Effect Of The Taillight?

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Turn signals: turn signals are the most common signals, which are turned on when the vehicle needs turning. It should be noted that the turn on light should be opened at about 30 meters to 100 meters from the corner. Instead of crossing the road, it will be opened, causing the rear vehicle to be caught unprepared and causing rear end collision.

Headlamps: headlights have high beam, near light in two forms. On a road with street lights in urban areas, use near lights to drive high beams without street lights, roads, or freeways. During the meeting, we should turn off the high beam light into the.

The act of warning or greeting. When crossing or turning, you should also flash the headlights and tell the other vehicles, "here I come."".

Tail lamp (brake light): when the brake light is on, tell the back of the car. It is braking, and pay attention to the deceleration. When you see that the front taillight is on, you should also be ready to slow down.

Emergency lights (Shuang Shan): vehicle malfunction, temporary parking, emergency use, low visibility, bad weather, double flash should be turned on. Emergency lights are closely related to road safety. Check them regularly to see if they are normal.

Night range light (small light): used to show the width and length of the body at night. When you don't see the back of the rearview mirror, it's time to light up a small light, especially a rainy day.

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