What Should You Pay Attention To At Night Driving?

- Dec 06, 2017 -

In addition to car lighting for lighting, it is also an important tool for communication between drivers and drivers. Civilized lights, will make the car on the road more harmonious environment can reduce the incidence of accidents.

Some drivers may think that turning on the high-beam effect will be better, but in actual fact, the high-beam light will turn on the line of sight to make it even worse and harm others. Therefore, it is suggested that the driver can use the high-beam light as a signal light, To make sure that the other side will find you more easily when the car is coming, but the time of flashing the high beam should be extremely short, so as not to affect the sight of the other party to cause an accident.

In case of car, do not step on the brake pedal, while turning to the right, we must pay attention to pedestrians and bicycles. Because in the face of the opposite car, because of fear of psychological will make the driver steer on the brake pedal, so as to collide with the right pedestrians or bicycles, resulting in traffic accidents.

Night should try to avoid overtaking at night, do not fatigue driving, do not drink driving, not to open a bucket car, passion car. Due to the inability to see the landscape on both sides of the road and excitement excitement to the driver on the road, it is easy to drive at night because of driving fatigue. If feeling slightly, you should cheer up or stop for a while.

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