Why LED Lights Are More And More Loved

- Jul 20, 2017 -

1, long life Generally can use tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of hours, because the LED is a semiconductor component, and incandescent different, no glass, tungsten and other vulnerable parts, the fault is very low.

2, energy saving. LED light source does not need to filter can directly produce automotive lighting needs red, amber and other colors, no loss, power utilization up to 80% or more.

3, green lighting source. LED spectrum in the monochromatic good, no excess infrared, ultraviolet and other spectra, mercury-free substances, heat, radiation is very small, are "green light."

4, high luminous purity. Color clear and bright, no shade filter, light error within 10 nanometers.

5, small size. LED occupies a small size, the designer can freely change the lamp mode, so that car shape diversification.

6, light without delay. Bright response speed, only 60 nanoseconds, especially for automotive light source.

7, good monochrome. Color saturation of 130% full color, so that the light is more clear and soft.

8, low-voltage security. LED this first for the original electronic only need to DC voltage 12V can be lit.

9, low brightness attenuation. LED brightness is high, light attenuation is much lower than the halogen lamp, suitable for lighting and brake lights, turn lights and other warning lights.

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